Storage Solutions

Site visits are available to help you assess your storage situation and improve the safety of your collections. Storage services include the production of padded hangers, boxing costumes, and storage solutions for flat textiles.

padded hangers

Wooden hangers cut to fit your garment’s shoulder width are sealed with polyurethane, padded with batting, and wrapped with unbleached muslin. Easy-to-read acid-free identification tags marked with object numbers help reduce garment handling once in storage.

Bodice - packed

Garments not able to hang safely can be boxed in acid-free boxes and supported with acid-free tissue.

Hat box closed

The Brick Store Museum hat project in Kennebunk, ME. Boxes constructed of acid-free cardboard with a mylar window, designed to store and view each hat without handling.

hat box open

Each box drops open at the front and the hat, mounted on a stand, slides out on a tray for viewing in the round without needing to touch the hat itself.

sampler mat

Acid free mats with windows cut to the dimensions of the object support small flat textiles such as samplers.