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18th c. Man’s Suit

  • 18th century man’s suit. The client wanted the mannequin to hold the hat and walking stick; The walking stick was suspended from the arm end with monofilament, and had a stop carved into the mannequin base to keep it positioned. As there was no original shirt, acid free tissue paper was used to create a neckerchief to disguise the lack of shirt and sleeve ruffles to help mask the lack of hands. Courtesy of Warner House, Portsmouth, NH
  • A separate mount was made for the hat to keep it securely positioned, with a rod from the hat mount inserted up the arm of the mannequin to make it appear to be "holding" the hat.This body is supported with steel rods up each leg, and the “stockings” and "shoes" are fabric covering carved ethafoam. Even though no original stockings or shoes were available for this display, creating them was necessary for context