Lectures & Workshops

Mannequin & Collection Workshops

SchaefferArts mannequin SchaefferArts offers a variety of workshops for museums and historical societies:

Basics of Safe Display on a Budget

SchaefferArts can help you safely display collections with workshops on how to retrofit what your institution may already own, such as dress forms, T-bar forms, and other display hardware.

Storage Basics

This workshop shows you simple storage tips for your textiles, such as making padded hangers, rolling flat textiles, and boxing fragile garments.

Dating Historic Dresses

Learn how clues in the construction of your historic garments can tell you when they were made.

Costume History Lectures & Workshops

SchaefferArts class Lectures on a wide variety of costume-related subjects from 18th – early 20th centuries are available, as are hands-on workshops on period techniques. Inquire for details.