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Embellishments: Constructing Victorian Detail

Embellishments, by Astrida SchaefferThis book of full-color photographs and how-to guide highlights ten of the dresses from the Embellishments: Constructing Victorian Detail exhibit at UNH and analyzes their design elements in depth. Each item has been closely examined, taking advantage of places where threads have loosened over time to peer at the back side of trims, searching garment interiors, and studying fabric grain lines and seams for clues on construction. Lush photography of full-length gowns and close-up views of construction details are paired with descriptions, clear diagrams, and instructions for a book you can enjoy on many levels.

by Astrida Schaeffer
foreword by Lisa MacFarlane, PhD
introduction by Kimberly Alexander, PhD
Published by Great Life Press

Inspired by the Embellishments exhibition.

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One of a Kind Mannequins

mannequin in processEach SchaefferArts mannequin is made by hand to the exact needs of the garment it will be displaying. The size is calibrated to show off the clothing without straining it. The shape is based on the correct silhouette for its time period in history (complete with whatever hoops, bustles, corsets, petticoats or pads it would have needed), and all materials are archival to ensure the safest possible display experience.

A mannequin takes several days to complete and is made to fit the needs of the exhibition in terms of color and pose. One was even made to hang suspended from the ceiling, holding a mapping grid in its hands! (see Scuba Diver portfolio)
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